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How to Become a Successful Politician

When it comes to politics, we can say that this is a quite challenging and rewarding profession, where you, as an official elected, have the power to actually make a difference in your community. However, in order to be a good politician, you must combine smart choices with hard work. Furthermore, you need to know […]

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Understanding the American Government

The American Government is an excellent example of what it means to give the people and not the ”subjects”, the right to actually choose their leaders. This is a system that consists of checks and balances, made up of not more and not less than three branches, and also especially designed to ensure that no […]

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Richest Politicians in the United States (escort related)

The US political system has become these days more and more dominated by financial heavyweights. In case you didn’t know so far, during the 113th Congressional session, not more and not less that 268 of the 534 members of Congress were actually millionaires. Not only the US Senates but the House of Representatives as well […]

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