Understanding the American Government

The American Government is an excellent example of what it means to give the people and not the ”subjects”, the right to actually choose their leaders. This is a system that consists of checks and balances, made up of not more and not less than three branches, and also especially designed to ensure that no single entity is too powerful. Continue to read our article for a better understanding of the American Government.


The Executive Part

The President of the US heads the Executive Branch. In plus, he also acts as the head of state in any diplomatic relation as well as Commander-in-Chief for all the branches in the country of the armed forces. The responsibility of implementing and enforcing the laws written by Congress again comes to the President. On the other hand, the Vice President is an important part of the Executive Branch.  He must be ready at all times to assume the presidency in case the current one dies or becomes incapacitated while he is still in office. This basic information is something that all Americans must know, and most of all, those who plan to move to this state. In many ways, the Executive Branch is similar to what other states have, and that’s why it is not too complicated to understand. The other two branches are a bit confusing, but certainly not impossible to understand.

The Legislative Part

There is no doubt that every country needs laws. In the US, Congress has the main power to make laws. Therefore, Congress is the legislative branch of the American Government. There are actually two groups to consider, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Each group is formed of members elected from each country. The House of Representatives is based on population, whereas the Senate consists of two Senators per country. In total, there are not more and not less than 435 members. In order to ensure that each state has an important say in the Federal Government, representatives were divided equally.

The Judicial Part

As mentioned earlier, each state has its own laws. In the United States, they are quite complex. Some of them are extremely specific, whereas others are somehow vague. This is why they often can confuse most people. Sorting out this web of legislation is the job of the federal judicial system. Only they can make a decision regarding what’s constitutional and what is not. The judicial branch is actually made up of SCOTUS, which is the Supreme Court of the United States. There are nine important members, including the Chief Justice of the US. In case a vacancy becomes available, the members are appointed by the President. The Supreme Court of Justice is the highest court in the United States, although the judicial branch also includes other lower courts. However, the federal court system can be quite confusing for many. The conclusion is that if there is any case challenged beyond a district court, it will irrevocable move to the Supreme Court, where the final decision will be made.

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